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Timeless swimwear, for unforgettable moments

We believe swimwear shouldn’t be made for just one season; instead we create lasting, timeless designs, with a modern twist, for women to create forever styles. Our swimwear designs are lovingly created by an independent UK based designer to accentuate contemporary flair married with classic, lasting style, at affordable prices, for all body types.


A word from CEO, Katrina

I launched Tomia Swim after struggling to find swimwear that was on-trend and fashionable, whilst also having classic, lasting elements. The market was flooded with fashion swimwear, perfect for a one-off wear at a pool party for 5 hours, but nothing quite right for a luxury trip abroad (unless I was willing to spend £500 on a bikini!). As a holiday lover and sun worshipper, I found myself searching every website possible for the right swimwear, yet the beautiful designs I so desired always seemed out of my grasp. There was a need for classic yet modern, on-trend swimwear; finding something lasting yet contemporary was a challenge.

Starting with a couple of late night sketches and progressing to spending hours obsessing over Miami Swim Week, I found my passion. I had designs and ranges I wanted to shout about and a burning vision for fresh new designs that didn’t get blended into everything else on the market.

Fast forward to now, Tomia’s goal is to build, and to be, the future of swimwear, offering designs you will not have seen anywhere else before. Mixing classic with modern, contemporary yet lasting, our vision is to have swimwear for every woman, for every occasion. So if you love to travel, enjoy trips to the spa or sunbath by the paddling pool every chance you can, they'll be something for you here at Tomia.

Love Katrina xoxo



Have Your Say

We’ve carefully selected the designs of our range, all vibrantly unique – these styles haven’t been duplicated from existing brands and are individual pieces you’ll be proud to showcase. We do however understand how challenging swimwear shopping can be and therefore our range will continue to develop based on what you want, all whilst maintaining our exclusive, stand-out style.

We’d love to know what you’d like to see from Tomia as your feedback will help create the next range we drop. All ideas are welcome - please pop over an email to info@tomiaswim.com.

We can’t wait to hear from you! 

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