About Us

Tomia Swim is a UK based resort and swimwear label established to innovate the industry and create timeless styles.

Each piece of the classic collection is made to ensure our customers feel empowered, sexy, and confident when wearing, recognisable by its unique colourways and simple silhouettes.

Founder Katrina Dilnot launched the brand in 2019 after struggling to source swimwear pieces that didn’t compromise on style and cost.

Drawing on her Sicilian background, Katrina used the Italian name “Mia”, translating to “me” in English for the brand name and the strong, independent women surrounding her as her style inspiration.

With a driving force to adapt how the fashion industry produces garments, Tomia Swim focuses on creating classic, lasting pieces that our customers will want to wear time and time again. 

We promise to provide swimwear that is here for the long haul, not the landfill.