About Us

Tomia Swim is a South Coast UK based resort and swimwear label, established with a desire to innovate the industry and create forever styles.

The ‘throw away generation’ has a pool of fast fashion companies creating weekly on trend designs, suitable only for a short while. With a driving force to adapt how the fashion industry produces garments, Tomia is focused on creating classic, lasting pieces that women will want to wear time and time again. 

Passionately designed by founder Katrina, each piece has been made with sophistication and courage in mind, to have you feeling your best. 

You will not see new designs released each season; instead we’ll provide you with swimwear that is here for the long haul, to last all year round.


Have Your Say

We’ve carefully selected the designs of our range, all vibrantly unique – these styles haven’t been duplicated from existing brands and are individual pieces you’ll be proud to showcase. We do however understand how challenging swimwear shopping can be and therefore our range will continue to develop based on what you want, all whilst maintaining our exclusive, stand-out style.

We’d love to know what you’d like to see from Tomia as your feedback will help create the next range we drop. All ideas are welcome - please pop over an email to info@tomiaswim.com.

We can’t wait to hear from you! 

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