About Us

TOMIA Swim is a UK based resort and swimwear label established to innovate the industry and create timeless styles. Each piece of the classic collection is made to ensure our customers feel empowered, sexy, and confident, recognisable by its unique colourways and simple silhouettes.

Founder Katrina Dilnot launched the brand in 2019 after struggling to source swimwear pieces that didn’t compromise on style and cost. Drawing on her Sicilian background, Katrina used the Italian name “Mia”, translating to “me” in English for the brand name and the strong, independent women surrounding her as her style inspiration.

With a driving force to adapt how the fashion industry produces garments, TOMIA Swim focuses on creating classic, lasting pieces that our customers will want to wear time and time again. We promise to provide swimwear that is here for the long haul, not the landfill.

Since her recent Breast Cancer diagnosis, Katrina is building a collection of mastectomy friendly swimwear. Mastectomies and preventative Breast Cancer operations can leave women feeling detached from their body and self esteem can take a hit. The mastectomy friendly/post surgery fashion industry is flooded with frumpy designs - fashion-focused women across the world are looking for trendy swimwear which is currently out of grasp. In a time where women need to feel great about themselves, the items of clothing they wear can play a big part.

The new collection, MY.TOMIA, will support the Breast Cancer community by creating innovative designs that focus on comfort and coverage without compromising on style, giving TOMIA customers the confidence they deserve. With padded pockets for breast forms and a medium coverage to feel safe, Katrina will carefully and independently design each style to create garments that are so widely desired across the globe.

Whilst the new collection is designed for women with mastectomies or lumpectomies in mind, the swimwear can be worn by everyone. To find out more we'll be sharing updates of our #everychest campaign over on Instagram, so please give us a follow!


Meet Katrina

Blonde swimwear model in green swimsuit at spa'Hey,

Firstly, thank you for checking out our website; your support means more than you know. My name is Katrina and I am the Founder and Designer here at TOMIA. Some could say I am a little obsessed with travel - I love getting away to see as many parts of the world as possible (Vegas might be my all time fave so far!). When I am not working you'll find me with close friends and family, making fun memories or enjoying good food (particularly carbs and chocolate).

Since being poorly with Breast Cancer, my mindset and attitude towards life have changed, focusing on making the most of everyday, being grateful for the little things and giving back to those that need it most. Joining the Breast Cancer community and seeing the struggles other women face has inspired me to make a difference to this amazing group of strong, brave warriors and our mastectomy friendly collection will be the first step in making this happen. xoxo'