• What is the first thing you’ll be doing after lockdown?

    What is the first thing you’ll be doing after lockdown?

    Over the last few months, it’s been an unpredictable and worrying time, with many receiving sad news and others put into stressful situations. Now more than ever is a time to look at what good there is. Now I don’t know about you, but on my daily walk, every passer-by has said good morning with a smile on their face (from across the road of course!). Post CV we would have all had our heads in our phones and not bothered interacting with others. From small kind gestures and happy stories to remarkable initiatives from companies across the world, it’s been great to see all the good we can do together.

  • Happy 1st Birthday

    One year ago today, Tomia Swim’s website was launched and open for our new customers. So much has happened in that time, with some things going to plan and many others not! It has been a whirlwind of adventures so far and I am so excited for what is next to come for the brand!


  • Tomia Stay In

    During these challenging times, we've had a think about what we can do to help. Now, unless you are blessed with your own private pool, there will be no swimming for sometime now. That’s why we’ve had a mini rebrand.. Tomia Swim is now Tomia Stay In.
  • We NEED you!

    With summer on its way, we want to make sure we do not miss out on seeing you in your Tomia swimwear. As a small, growing business, tagging Tomia Swim on social can have a massive impact to getting the name out there. We also love to see what you’re up to on holiday, rocking our designs!
  • Take the hassle out of holiday spending

    Holiday budgets – not the two words you want to see together, but for anyone that’s been away recently, or are due to travel soon, the dreaded question always comes up: How much spending money should I take? Now to make your life’s easier, we’ve put together our best tips, to help you decide how much money to take away...
  • Your ultimate holiday wish list

    For the girls here at Tomia Swim, we are big on goal setting and believe putting ideas on paper helps make sure we tick them off (not just for New Years either!). One big goal for me is to see the world, enjoying long weekends away and planning once in a lifetime trips, forever day dreaming about where next. So, while you reflect on your ultimate holiday wish list, I’ve put together my top 5 dream destinations. 
  • The only one deserving of your love is you.

    For those that have been following us for some time, you’ll know that here at Tomia, we are focused on empowering women to love and believe in themselves. We’ve previously shared our A-Z Top Tips for a happy, healthy lifestyle and mindset; we think it’s a perfect time to talk about this again.

    ‘…Because at this moment, the only one deserving of your love is you. It’s time to take the love that others take for granted & invest it into yourself..’ – r.h. Sin