Your ultimate holiday wish list

Christmas is on its way, which means it is the time of year where we start reflecting on what we’ve achieved. What has 2019 bought us and what hasn’t quite been ticked off the list yet? Were New Years Resolutions broken or did you decide to not set any?

For the girls here at Tomia Swim, we are big on goal setting and believe putting ideas on paper helps make sure we tick them off (not just for New Years either!). One big goal for me is to see the world, enjoying long weekends away and planning once in a lifetime trips, forever day dreaming about where next. So, while you reflect on your ultimate holiday wish list, I’ve put together my top 5 dream destinations. In no particular order:

  • Grand Canyon, Las Vegas. Having travelled to Vegas once before (after winning a competition on the radio!), we weren’t able to visit the Grand Canyon so if I am lucky enough to get back there, this is certainly top of the list.
  • Santorini, Greece. Picturesque scenery, amazing food and unique buildings; where’s my passport at?
  • Tuscany, Italy. Similar to the above, the views here look unreal. Not to mention copious amounts of pizza, pasta and ice cream.
  • The Northern Lights. We all know pictures never give a view justice and the pictures I’ve seen of an Aurora look amazing, so cannot even begin to imagine what it’s like in real life.
  • Edinburgh, Scotland. One a little closer to home. A long weekend here visiting the Christmas market sounds a dream.

No matter what you are after (be it sun, snow, culture, food, views or fun weekend away with the girls), get your thoughts on paper, set a goal and make it happen.