Worthy Girl Winter

The mornings are cold, the sky is grey and some of us barely seeing day light leaving the house before sunrise and returning after dark. So now is the time, more than ever before, to put your self care first. Forget ‘hot girl summer’, roll on ‘worthy girl winter’!

We’ve added some steps below you can take to have you feeling your best in these colder months:

- take a walk at lunch time. Fresh air and natural daylight helps clear the cobwebs and sets you up for a good afternoon. Don’t forget to wrap up warm! 

- keep your body moving. As if dragging yourself out of bed on a cold winter's morning wasn’t hard enough, exercising first thing can set you up for the day. Who has ever felt worse after a workout? We for sure haven’t. 

- downtime. Candles, movie night, a long warm bath - anything that gives you that zen to switch off. After lockdown we’ve adjusted back into fast pace lives and a mad, busy summer. Use this winter to switch off and recharge the batteries where you can. 

- reading before bed. With the sun setting early our brains are preparing for bedtime. Phone light can do the opposite so getting stuck into a good book can help you drift off much easier. A fictional story, self development book or magazine, whichever you are into most to prepare for a great night's sleep.

- get into a hobby. In a busy world of work, hustling and adulting (chores and keeping a house up!) it’s easy to put things you love on the back bone. Instead this winter find something you love doing and do more of it. That could be trying a new recipe once a week, baking at the weekend, dancing in the kitchen or playing an instrument.

- fill your diary. Having plans to look forward to can keep us focused - maybe it’s a family holiday, weekend at the spa or visiting a loved one. 

- set some goals. This should be a mix of big fat hairy goals (such as buying the house of your dreams) as well as little wins (a goal like drinking 2 litres of water each day) to keep you driving to what you really want. It gives us a reason to get out of bed in the morning. Use a checklist on the fridge or download one of the habit tracker apps to see your progress. 

This tends to be a tough time of year for us however already feel better after implementing this the last few weeks. We are determined to glide through winter, enjoy quality time over Christmas then get planning for summer holidays in the new year. With that in mind, for anyone with travel plans coming up, we now have free UK shipping on all products store wide. Shop our collection here www.tomiaswim.com/collections and happy winter! ❄️