Tomia's why..

Let's talk about Tomia Swim. You know who we are and what we do, but the question is why? Why and where did Tomia start?

So, we rewind to April 2018. At this time, I had just booked my ‘once in a lifetime’, dream holiday to the Maldives, for the following February. Now as any girl would, excited at the thought of walking bare foot over white sand and living in bikinis for 10 days, I started to think about the outfits I needed to buy. With this came swimwear; in my eyes, the hardest, most daunting, frustrating part of a holiday shop. The hunt began and it was a long process, struggling to find something just right. The market was flooded with fashion swimwear, perfect for a one-off wear at a pool party for 5 hours, but nothing quite right for a luxury trip abroad (unless I was willing to spend £500 on a bikini!). As a holiday lover and sun worshipper, I quickly saw the need for classic yet modern, on-trend swimwear; finding something lasting yet contemporary was a challenge.

I haven’t shared this until now but during this time, I was also in and out of the doctors, suffering with various symptoms, that no one was able to diagnose. I was in constant pain, trying to juggle a full-time job and maintain a social life, when some days all I wanted to do was curl up into a ball on the sofa. Months of letting friends down because I felt too ill, work days spent with a hot water bottle strapped to me and feeling emotionally drained from not knowing how my body would feel one day to the next.

In July 2018 I underwent an operation and was finally diagnosed with Endometriosis; a condition where the lining of a uterus grows on to other pelvic organs. I felt relieved to have an answer, but also a huge amount of emotion. 1 in 10 women are known to suffer with Endo and if you are one of them, you’ll know that an operation doesn’t mean it’s gone forever.

So with that, I focused all my emotion, fear and worry, to push me further into doing what I love; to find and do something for me. And that’s when the ideas, sketches and visions were made into a reality and Tomia was born, with my love for travel, a big dream holiday coming up and my struggles in finding the right swimwear. 


Fast forward to now, Tomia’s goal is to build, and to be, the future of swimwear, offering designs you will not have seen anywhere else before. Mixing classic with modern, contemporary yet lasting, our vision is to have swimwear for every woman, for every occasion. So if you love to travel, enjoy trips to the spa or sunbath by the paddling pool every chance you can, they'll be something for you here at Tomia.

I’d like to finish of by giving a shout out to all of those struggling with Endometriosis; please remember you are stronger than anything your body is putting you through right now <3