MY.TOMIA - A new take on mastectomy friendly swimwear

Being diagnosed with Breast Cancer at 27 changed my whole perspective on life. To be grateful for the little things (that mean so much more than we’ll ever know!), to smile more, let things go (it is not worth the sleepless night and stress) and make the most out of every day because this life is truly precious. Whilst being poorly I was surrounded by an amazing community; one I never thought I would be a part of but so grateful I had at the time. We supported one another, shared advice and tips and was always on hand for a chat if it ever were needed.

During this rollercoaster I was also reviewing my plans for TOMIA Swim and the direction I wanted to take the business when I soon realised how the mastectomy friendly fashion had been left behind. The market flooded with unflattering, frumpy designs meant that fashion-focused women, who had been affected by Breast Cancer, had very limited options when it came to swimwear. Breast Cancer operations can leave women feeling detached from their body and self esteem can take a hit. In a time where someone needs to feel great about themselves, the items of clothing they wear can play a big part.

That’s when I knew what we needed to do at TOMIA - create swimwear that suited every body type, inclusive of mastectomy and lumpectomy chests. No-one should be left behind. Our next collection, MY.TOMIA, will support women following life changing breast surgeries, with padded pockets for breast forms and a medium coverage to feel safe. The difference with these designs is that we will not compromise on style; the feedback is that the Breast Cancer community want to feel confident, sexy and glamourous and we will make sure we achieve just that. 

The collection will be launching in Spring 2023 with 4 designs to start with. We’d love your thoughts, feedback and input through this journey so please do get in touch via email if you’d like to get involved: and follow us on Instagram as part of our #everychest campaign.