Meet the Tomia Models

You see them all over our Instagram, why not get to know a little bit about them too? With some new faces and OGs, we present our four beautiful swimwear models Jade, Chelly, Chelsey and Frida.  
swimwear models in orange and black swimsuits at the beach with sea
A little bit more about the Tomia girls
Chelly: “I am 22 and a Master of Science, I’m bilingual after living in Istanbul for the first half of my life.” - just after this interview was taken, Chelly landed herself a new job in her desired field! Go girl!  
Frida: “I am a dance graduate, who is interested in exploring and using dance within different creative projects and environments.  I was also born in Italy”
 woman in red mesh bikini and hoody at the beach
We asked our models to tell us some fun facts about themselves..  
Art enthusiast Jade (28) once cycled from Gothenburg, Sweden to Oslo, Norway with a broken bike and bivvy bag to sleep in. (She's a champion!)  
Salesforce administrator and part-time carer Chelsey (28) has given us two fun facts..  
“I got thrown off of a camel head first while on Holiday or my other fun fact is that my mum applied for take me out behind my back and I actually made it to auditions then got a boyfriend”  
Take it from us, Chelsey would have been a great addition to the show!  
woman at beach in yellow bikini
Next, our favourite question to ask all Tomia ladies, what's your dream holiday?  
Chelly: My dream holiday would be on a pacific island, really secluded and spending my entire time by the beach in the sun
Frida: Mexico. I love the heat, sunshine and Mexican food
JadeThis is such a hard question to answer as I have so many dream holidays but as I love the heat, I reckon surfing and hiking in Hawaii. Perhaps with one week exploring in a van and the other in luxury accommodation. Or, a photography safari somewhere wild like Tanzania or Antarctica 
Chelsey: Maldives, laying out on one of those dreamy netted balconies (don’t know what they’re called) with a cocktail in hand. To be fair, any Caribbean island with water sports too though
women in orange swimsuit with leopard print detail at the beach in front of sea
And last but not least, the most important question.. What is your favourite Tomia swimsuit or bikini?  
Chelly: The Emilia bikini, the colour is lush and it fits you in all the right places! 
Chelsey: The Giulia 
Jade & Frida both loved the same! 
Jade: It has to be the Red Pavia, always my first choice
FridaPavia. I adore the rich colour
 women at beach in sweater and white bikini bottoms
Modelling in swimwear is definitely not the easiest thing to do, so we would like to thank our sensational models for throwing themselves into every shoot and making it a truly comfortable and exciting environment to be around. 
You girls truly encompass everything that Tomia stands for.