Take the hassle out of holiday spending

Holiday budgets – not the two words you want to see together, but for anyone that’s been away recently, or are due to travel soon, the dreaded question always comes up:

How much spending money should I take?

Now to make your life’s easier, we’ve put together our best tips, to help you decide how much money to take away.

  1. First up… We use a bank account with zero oversea transaction fees and a good exchange rate. Most normal current accounts apply fees for purchases made abroad, which can end up getting expensive, however there are many around now that don’t charge. It takes the stress away from working out how much cash to exchange. Plus carrying a wad of cash isn’t always the safest. I remember, before using a card, I would split up all my cash before flying; some in a purse, a bit in a pocket and some in a shoe in my suitcase!

A quick transfer via online banking and the card is ready to go. If you run out, jump on to some WiFi, access your online banking to transfer some more. After the holiday, if there miraculously is any money left over, you can transfer back to your current account. Simples.

(Please note bank terms are subject to change. Some cards come with withdrawal limits and others may charge interest rates; it's important you review all terms and conditions prior to using any bank card.)


  1. Prebook where possible. Whilst holidays allow your free spirit to run wild, if you know you want to see a famous landmark, attend an event or plan an excursion, get it booked before you go. Not only does it secure your plans so you don’t miss out, it also means you don’t need to transfer/exchange money whilst on your trip.


  1. It is always good to carry some cash on you. This is where the tricky bit comes, because we all want to steer clear of the exchange rates. Buy or sell currency at the wrong time and you could potentially be at a loss. So, we break it down into daily budgets and include food (our biggest spend when we are away!), events/trips/days out and transport.


If you are stuck on how much a taxi could be or how much a G&T may cost, research online (TripAdvisor/Skyscanner Car Hire/Google Maps) to get a better understanding on budgets. We are in Poland next month for a skiing trip and this is how we’ve broken down the spending:


Breakfast per day:              Included in hotel             £0

Lunch per day:                   £4 to £6 x5 (bargain!)     £25

Dinner/drinks per day:        £15 x5                            £75

Event/Days Out:                 Ski hire                           £37

                                              Ski pass                          £86

                                              Thermal spa                    £25

Taxis/Transport:              Return (prebooked)        £180


With these 3 points, a little forward planning and some time researching, you could save some valuable pennies to go towards the next holiday! We hope this comes in handy for your next trip, wherever you are off to. Happy Holidaying!