Health & Wellness Matters

When the world was turned on its head we were forced to slow down, having zero plans and more time at home than ever before, leaving many of us reviewing our health and wellbeing, both physically and mentally and how best we could look after ourselves better.

Survey results across the UK show that the majority of respondents think that being physically active contributes to good mental health and wellness. Maybe that’s why during lockdown walking and running became so popular? Add a healthy balanced diet to the mix, fuelling your body with the right nutrients would give you almost instant results.

That said, it’s been a tough time for many adjusting to such changes, especially with all the other difficult news circulating at the moment. That’s why we’ve dedicated this blog to all things mental and physical health and wellness.

What is wellness?

Wellness is the act of practicing healthy habits on a daily basis to attain better physical and mental health outcomes, so that instead of just surviving, you're thriving. 

Habits is a key word here; creating consistency as opposed to lots of highs and lows. We use a free app called HabitShare that allows you to add things that you want to regularly achieve, set a frequency per week and share with friends to hold each other accountable. After a little while the habits will just be part of your daily routine.

Benefits to Wellness

From an increased immune system to higher productivity, having good wellbeing creates a strong mindset, headspace and a healthier body. So what can we do to support this..

Steps to Wellness

Mental Health Practices - the place we always start is with a gratitude list before bed, reminding ourselves of all the great things in our lives. This is not to avoid thinking about the negative things you might be facing, but instead a reminder of all the great. Other habits to try include less screen time, exercise and food (we’ll cover off more in a bit) and getting outdoors into nature. Everyone has something different that works well for them - as long as you are left feeling calm, positive and fulfilled then keep working on that.

Selfcare - we talk about this so much at TOMIA so you will know what we think about this topic. Good sleep, supportive habits, skincare routine, down time - the list is endless and doesn’t just mean a pamper once or twice a week.

Nutrition - as they say ‘we are what we eat’ and fuelling our bodies with the food it needs to thrive can have a huge impact on your wellness. Not that we’d choose salad over pizza (this is not about depriving yourself of the foods you love) but instead about having a balance of fresh, healthy foods combined with the treats you deserve. Some great nutritional accounts to follow on Instagram include:

  • Rosanna Davison Nutrition - Healthier Lifestyles - To bring you healthy recipes, clean eating, nutrition and fitness tips, and beauty and fashion inspiration @rosanna_davison 
  • Nadia's Healthy Kitchen | UK Health Blog - Helping individuals live a healthy lifestyle. Sharing healthy, clean, gluten-free, dairy-free, vegan savoury & sweet recipes @nadiashealthykitchen 

Exercise - some see exercise as 90 minutes of intense cardio in a gym full of people. Again this is all about finding something right for you - a cycle on the beach, 20 minute YouTube workout in your garden or a lunchtime walk. Whatever it takes to get your body moving. With the pandemic we saw a rise in home workouts and there are some fantastic Instagram accounts out there that support this. Two of our faves are:

  • @annabnanafit sharing a huge range of workout guides and inspiration (plus we LOVE her colourful gym outfits!)
  • Maeve Madden on @queensdontquit showing us the very best workouts from the comfort of your own home, from full body stretches to booty burns, this accounts is everything you need and more!


The biggest message here is to find something that works for you - this looks different for every person so there is no cheat sheet or guide to follow. Be aware of how things make you feel and do more of what makes you feel good!