Endometriosis Awareness Month

For Endometriosis Month I wanted to share a little more about my journey and raise awareness to help others with their diagnosis. The condition is very hard to diagnose and can have a big impact on many normal activities in a woman's life, plus cause lifelong challenges with fertility and health. 

My Story

So first up I shared the below on Instagram this week; a little about my journey so far. 

‘My pains were normal for a girl to experience. Apparently I was ‘just prone to infections’. I was also eating the wrong types of food and they blamed IBS for symptoms. I wasn’t drinking enough. Being off work because of constant vomiting due to my period pains was a normal thing. The sickness I had was caused by me being anxious.

For 7 years I was told this, after endless trips to the doctors and A&E, until surgery in July 2018 confirmed I have endometriosis. A disorder where the lining of the uterus grows in other places. This lining then forms what we are used to knowing as a period, but outside the uterus/womb and therefore the blood has nowhere to go. It can scar and damage your insides and cause blockages and tremendous pain.

There’s no known cure and although removed by the surgeon at the time to reduce the severity of the symptoms, the likelihood of it coming back/not all being removed can be high for some.

The hardest part is how invisible endo is. Whilst you experience pain from internal bleeding, from the outside ‘you don’t look that ill’. But thankfully for social media and a whole month dedicated to this, I think the awareness is now being raised as it should. And about time seeing as 1 in 10 women have endometriosis! It is very hard for a GP to diagnosis because of the mix of symptoms.

So girls please don’t suffer in silence. You know your body and if something doesn’t feel quite right keep pushing to see a specialist and get some answers 🙌🏼’

Raising Awareness & Coping with Endometriosis

There are some great resources online from helping with symptoms, raising awareness and tips on how to learn to cope with Endo. Below we’ve linked some great Instagram accounts and podcasts that do a fab job in spreading the word and raising awareness on the condition whilst support for anyone struggling with the symptoms:

Endometriosis: Journey to Butterfly

This podcast is about a lady’s journey with endometriosis over the last 15 years. She talks about endometriosis-symptoms, surgery, medical appointments, medications, natural methods, products, eating habits and more.


The Cycle.Endometriosis

Real life stories of endo patients.


It’s All In My Head

Set up to spread awareness and support others who may be suffering - to know that you are not alone!


Not Defined By Endo

Hosted by Endometriosis Warrior Teniola Ogunro, this podcast is created for and dedicated to women who have been diagnosed with endo or who suffer from symptoms that they suspect to be caused by endometriosis.


Casey Hinds


Samantha Denea


Brooklyn Chess


Olivia Culpo


Overall ladies if you feel your symptoms aren’t controllable and something isn’t right, we urge you to do some research and get a referral to a specialist. Knowing what you are facing is the first hurdle, but once that’s done you can focus on ways of coping, what triggers symptoms and how to live your life the best you can with the condition.