All time favourite holiday foods

In to the second month of New Years Resolutions and what already feels like 100 days since payday.. let’s brighten the mood and talk holiday foods.

Now if you are anything like us here at Tomia Swim, planning your trip around food is essential. Whether it’s ice cream, a local delicacy or the traditional Cheetos, holiday eatings got me daydreaming.

So I’ve listed some of my all time favourite foods from across the world. Call them traditional or not, I am drooling as I type.

  • Gordon Ramsey Burger in Las Vegas. With bacon and egg, and truffle chips, this was heaven on a plate.
  • Potato Bravas and Calamari in Barcelona. And washed down with a jug of Sangria.
  • Goats cheese on toast with strawberries in Lisbon.. yes you read that right and before you judge, please just try it!
  • Vegetarian Restaurant in the Maldives. Whilst not being a vegetarian, the food in this place was the tastiest. The mix of flavours were unbelievable.
  • Truffle Ravioli in Monaco. This restaurant was an amazing find, with unlimited bread and the fluffiest, creamiest Ravioli I have ever eaten.
  • Grilled Oscypek Cheese in the mountains in Poland. A scrummy local cheese, somewhere in between halloumi and mozzarella.

We want to hear your best eats.. head over to Instagram and share your all-time favourite holiday food.